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We Make High Quality Ventilation Ducts

HİMER was established to find solutions for air ducting sector. Himer is proud to be producer of Spiral Duct Fittings, Flat Oval Duct and Fittings, Slide on Flanges, Corners, Clips, Acrobat Arm, Mobile Filtration Unit, Grinding Table , Black Metal Round and Rectangular Duct, Grille and Air Conditioning Apparatus. Improving service and customer data day by day by means of happy customer - happy business policy and keep growing. Thanks to valuable customers to assist to see the future and develop company’s investments accordingly for your service.


Our aim is to produce the best quality for our valued customers by applying today’s hvac technology and aiming to develop it further. Our ideal of being a world brand with the big projects we will realize at home and abroad is the factor that gives us strength.

To maximize customer satisfaction with high standard productions, to respect our customers’ time and rights, to fulfill our responsibilities to humanity, the environment and universal values, to produce precise and effective solutions to problems related to our business.

We offer you better results with our experience